full room lighting decor

Light up your event to best effect with our best lighting package.Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your interior because, as well as illuminating a room, it can completely transform the look of the space for better.We transform any given room with uplights,monograms,TV screens and room wash lights to create a flattering lighting design.The right lighting can make or break a room so we use many different fixtures that blends well together.Before deciding on choosing full room lighting option,it is important to take considerations such as budget and ceiling height into account.



full room lighting

This package is focused more on dance floor excitement with room wash for mood change.Ideal for small to medium size receptions and couples who want some lighting but do not want to break the bank.

  • 4 stands

  • 6 moving lights

  • 10 wash lights

  • 2 room wash light stands

  • 10 wireless uplights

  • cake spot light

  • 1 Technician & controller

  • setup & break down


 DELUXE packageS

  • 12 wireless led uplights

  • 4 monograms

  • 4 led wash light

  • 2 50" led TVs with stands

  • monogram on screens

  • 4 moving head lights

  • 2 7r beam lights

  • 4 tuss stands with plates and covers

  • laptop & controller

  • setup and break down

  • lighting technician


                                                        Deluxe Package

Deluxe Plus Package